Who said that Catalans are serious and even boring? Roser Amills and Víctor Amela have assembled in this volume more than 300 capsules of Catalan wisdom to feed our soul and to inspire in a positive way every moment.
“333 vitamines per a l’ànima” are more of half a thousand quotes of different prominent Catalan figures. Prominent figures of all the sectors, of yesterday and today, who have contributed with their poems, advices, recipes and daring and sensible offers of our land, the good customs and the historical phrases of all times.
They are phrases for autoacceptence, autoconfidence, to learn, to value more what we have, to inspire, to ignite the love, to promote the sense of humour or curiosity, to help teenager and to be fairer or optimists. Phrases that have been said or written by Catalan prominent figures as writers, politics, journalists, poets, philosophers, artists, cooks, models or sportsmen.
With a design of a gift book, illustrations and graphic designs, it will be the perfect book for the fans of the famous journalists Víctor Amela and Roser Amills, and for everyone who likes quotes.

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