Year 1306: with his curved blade dagger, Belibasta kills. He flees to the south of the Pyrenees. From Occitane to Morella. From murderer to saint! A Jesus with his Magdalene. Some believers, the last Chatars hidden in Valencian, Aragonese and Catalan villas. A faithful and migrating sheep shepherd. An inquisitor that aims to become the Pope. A greedy and cunning spy. An emancipated and poisoner widow. From friendship to betrayal! From cohabitation to a forced marriage. Year 1321: from a sacrificial journey to a birth. And from a dagger to a carved stone… This absorbing novel, rigorously based on facts and historical characters, reconstruct the daily life, the dreams and beliefs of a bunch of heretics at the dawn of the XIVth century. Treasures and flocks, Moorish and seers, rituals and inquisitors, Jews and Templers, quarry workers and whorehouses get interlaced in this real story. The spiritual and the carnal converge in a seven hundred years old plot in which love will have the last word… ———————————————– Víctor Amela (1960) has been working as a journalist more than half of his life. Since 1984 he writes chronicles, reviews and interviews in La Vanguardia. He is co-creator of “La Contra” and has made about 1.800 interviews. He is also an authority in TV criticism. He collaborates in radio and television and teaches journalism and communication. He has received prestigious awards such as the European Golden Cross 2013 for the AEFE (Spanish Association of European Development), Award of Madrid Association Press, Catalan Publishers Award, The Communication and Public Relations Award of Catalonia, GoliAds Award, among many others. He is the author of several academic and journalistic books as well as essays: Casi todos mis secretos. 99 canales para ver el mundo como Víctor Amela; Grandes contras sobre el amor sabio; Grandes contras sobre la búsqueda de la felicidad; Grandes contras sobre la mente humana, Antología de citas; Història cultural de l’audiovisual; La televisió-espectacle; Algunas cosas que he aprendido; Haciendo la contra (I and II) and Estampas de la vida forcallana. He has cowritten with Roser Amills Bibiloni the titles Paraules d’amor and 333 vitamines per a l’ànima. Links: Personal blog: Facebook: Twitter: @VictorAmela Espero vuestros comentarios! ;))

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