THE DELTA WORLD –June 8, 2012 3:56 pm- Thomas Edison when he went to the theatre spoke with his girlfriend in morse with the fingers on her naked thighs; Joyce asked aromatized panties of prostitutes and Patti Smith masturbated while writing. These are some of the thousand erotic fantasies that the Majorcan writer Roser Amills has brought together in a book.

The work, entitled 1001 wild history, and erotic fantasies has been edited between parentheses in Spain and Latin America and grouped, with great sense of humor and lots of documentation, hundreds of fantasies of celebrities, writers, politicians, artists, actors and actresses, some already dead, but also living.

Albert Einstein, Marilyn Monroe, Warren Beatty, Fernando Sanchez Drago, Jorge Luis Borges, Rosa Regás, Julio Iglesias, Madonna, Eva Longoria, Naomi Campbell or Courtney Love cross his dreams and wishes more humid in this book with Juan Ramón Jiménez, Fidel Castro, Moon Hitler, Ava Gardner, Cleopatra, María Félix, Frida Kalo and Amy Winehouse.

A book that began to take shape (never better said) the poet and storyteller Roser Amills (Algaida, 1974) when it worked and collects information for a collection of poems about eroticism.
“I started looking for files, books, videos, films and biographies and saw that the topic was fascinating and gave much because each story was more fun,” explains the author of this curious book he has written under the premise of Luis Buñuel, who said: “the imagination not transgress”.
The section of fantasies “cannibals” highlights of Salvador Dalí who he was fascinated by the kitchen and which considered one orgasm. “Cannibalism is one of the most obvious manifestations of tenderness”, he left written, not in vain I dreamed of dwarf Gala as an olive for swallowing it.

The spy Mata Hari, quintessential, her husband tore you a nipple of a bite, not known if in a fit of anger, passion or jealousy by a desire to erótico-caníbal dead.
And specialising in fetishes are are several Palm Boris Vian, who wrote his name with sperm, or the romantic Bécquer, wanted to do with the naked Virgin in the cemetery.

Also Cleopatra, legend has that voracious appetite was able to practice fellatio to thousands of men including one hundred Romans in a single night or Kafka, who had obsession with masturbating in the bathroom.
And looking through the peephole of newer doors the reader will find an Eva Longoria that will encouraged to be tied with silk scarves, and Madonna, Tarantino, Naomi Campbell or Marilyn Manson, who die from sucking toes.
Among other specialties or hobbies are discovered that of the King of rock Elvis Presley moved between voyeurism, copulating couples and encounters appears, or that of Fidel Castro who feels weakness for prostitutes with very private and clandestine appointments, or the passion felt by Dalí or Mata Hari by uniforms.

The book compiles an innumerable anecdotes of hundreds of cases, as Michael Douglas suffering from ‘Satyriasis’, which, during the shooting, gets condom even in the scenes without sex and masturbate between scenes. Also in strange circumstances, the less, as the Djuna Barnes, first became it with the grandmother and later with the father, or of Gómez de la Serna with his cheerful stepdaughter.
Maupassant also had it clear: “so that it lifted me, I just think about it”. Orgies and lots of bisexual sex meet in Maria Fénix, Tamara Lempicka, Leonardo Da Vinci, Bowie, Greta Garbo or Gabriela Mistral, among many other characters.
“I wanted that the book was essentially funny, likeable and it conducive desktop discussions and topics of conversation for couples with cultural concerns… If your boyfriend or your girlfriend is too intellectual and notes you desaborido… tell some of these stories and you will see that at least you you reís awhile… more”, concludes the author.
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