THE DELTA WORLD – April 21, 2012 11:56 am

The Hollywood actresses are accustomed to the veneration of their fans and to become, in some cases, sexual icons of an entire generation. But what are the objects of desire of the famous? A book contains the response and makes public the sexual fantasies of Scarlett Johansson, Madonna or Eva Longoria, among others.
1001 Wild history and erotic fantasies gathers the testimonies of the vices and fetishes of famous doors inward.

For the blonde star of Match Point, the rear seats of cars are the downfall. A perfect place to have sex, according to Scarlett Johansson, thanks to the curiosity of to be discovered by outsiders.
Roser Amills author has also taken up the preferences of the singer Madonna, who likes to suck toes of their partners, as he wanted to evoke on the cover of her album Erotica featuring sucking foot model Naomi Campbell.
Eva Longoria has confessed that he finds pleasure in the fact of being subjected by another person. “I like that in bed I directed.” “I find something very exciting to be submissive and I do not dislike that I aten with silk handkerchiefs”, came to ensure in an interview.
The options are varied and all have place in the book that also reflects the preferences of other artists such as George Michael and Amy Winehouse.

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