By Maria Magdalena Mas Rayó

OK Diario 17/11/2021

More and more single-parent families and victims of gender-based violence find it difficult to reconcile your personal life with your work. Also those who find obstacles when starting a co-creative residence. And is that many of the artistic scholarships are only designed for people without family charges or special needs. The writer and journalist from Algaida found herself in this situation a few years ago. Roser Amills. For this reason, on December 18 at the Center Flassaders, within the framework of Conofest, he will discuss how to change the world from a feminist and solidarity perspective.

Amills is a veteran of the International (Short) Film Festival, better known as Conofest. Last year, he coordinated the talk Clapperboard in female in which several national and international film directors participated. An encounter in which artists from different countries shared their vision, in feminine, about the industry. That first edition of Conofest was held entirely online. However, after the good reception, Vicka Duran and his team have decided to bring the festival closer to the people. Therefore, this year, fans will be able to attend screenings, concerts, talks and other activities in person.

The writer will share a presentation with the director of the COOFILM, Gabriela garces, and the coordinator of the Mostra OUT!, Laura Esteve. They will debate about the difficulties women have in accessing training. To culture. His motto is that women, but especially those who are mothers, “must be intelligent and cultured.” The journalist maintains that all women should have the same facilities to access the university, to managerial positions in companies and to politics. Well being a mother should not become an obstacle. Because for men, as he has defended, it is not.

The writer explains that Sisterhood is essential to change the world. It is a term that in recent years has gained strength, since it is committed to solidarity between women. In the talk, Amills will give advice to mothers, single-parent families and victims of gender violence so that they can reconcile their professional and family life.

Along these lines, Amills defends that a student who has had a child should be able to continue with her training without being hindered. It also says that we must listen to victims of gender violence to build a solid speech. Because, according to her, it is taken for granted that a woman who is in a vulnerable situation does not have an academic degree. “You have to raise the bar,” defended Amills. “Because any woman should have access to a decent job in accordance with her training.”

The journalist has assured that this festival is necessary because gives visibility to the work of young Mallorcan artists. Also because every year it breaks borders and expands. On this occasion, the closing session will be held in the Sala Equis in Madrid.

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